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Challenge your color changing folding skills when making these models. Models include Kite Base, Fish Base, Butterfly Know, Bikini, Question Mark, Exclamation Mark, Picture Icon, Recyclable, Save Water, Save Electricity, Embarrassment, Checkbox, Like Button, Rubin's Vase, Shirt with Tie, Chessboard, Clench Fist, Fold Diagonal, 24 Hour, Hammer and Sickles, 70th Anniversary, God of Wealth, Lucky Money, Koi Fish, No Smoking, Exit, I Love You, Crane S=Chuck, I Love You, and Crane Clock. You can also enjoy 4 crease pattern challenges: Crane Base, Lucky Money, Greedy Mouse, and No Scissors. The book has color drawings of models with two color diagrams to show front and back sides. Crease patterns accompany the color photos. Directions are in English with traditional folding symbols. Author includes suggestions for paper size. 196 pp, PB (HI-C), #B23-027

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