Zorg animal Lioren
Zorg animal Cobraffe
The Panguin
model zorgcrane
diagram lioren
diagram the zorgonaut
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The Zorg Origami Association And Eric VIGIER, the mad folder present :
ZORG WILL DEFEAT ! But not right now ...

Who is the mad folder? What is Zorg ? How could you improve your French ? how many ears possesses a rabbit folded with some “rabbit-ear” ? how could you be more funny than the Mad-folder ?
So much questions without answers …

Be happy , with this publication, finaly you will have all the answers you search since time immemorial !

Enjoy !

Eric Vigier, the mad folder, created in “2014-2015” all a new universe full of new creatures from his insane mind for you .
The Intergalactic darth moon banned the publication of information from the zany galaxy but the mad folder braved this prohibition at the risk of his life, the pain of being the sucking of his brain.

By reading this publication you will become an Ambassador of the Zorg planet

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