Convention 2021
This class will be presented online.
Low Intermediate
Andrey Hechuev
Andrey Hechuev

Very simple yet bold looking tessellation with several arrangements possible.
No tricky twists, no intricate overlaying – even start level tessellation folder will succeed!
Amaze yourself in and got full of joy!

We will need a stick for some "popping" ;)

Do you need suggestion on how obtain a hexagon or to fold triangular grid on hexagon? Please check very exhaustive videos by Sara Adams:

How to cut a hexagon from a square or rectangle:
How to fold a triangle grid on a square or hexagon:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9gE3KGU2_Q


One hexagon height from 16 cm to 24 cm (6.25 inches to 9.5 inches).
Pre-creased grid 1:32 (16x16x16) for fold 6 molecules as on photo. No need to "break" creases (to fold grid in both directions).

Paper type:
light-medium to medium-heavy grammature (≈70 to 120 gsm), stiff, resistant, with good memory.
Elephant hide and similar, Sirio (Fabriano/Fedrigoni), biotop, lighter embossed efalin/estralin, art supplies kraft paper, packaging/industrial kraft, food kraft as bread/sandwich paper, Stardream (choose bigger hex tho), tant, sealing.

bone folder and wooden skewer or stick.