Convention 2021
This class will be presented online.
Low Intermediate
Denver Lawson
Deanna Kwan

The use of two papers folded together to create pockets is so clever. It is amazing that simple folds lead to a great geometric model. It is helpful, though not required, if you are familiar with the Froebel base. The overall shape is a cuboctahedron, but it’s hard to see it. Don’t worry; you don’t need to understand a cuboctahedron to make and enjoy the model. Since the model is springy, the 6 pointed star shape gap can compress together.


Diagrams by David Brill, in the book Unusual Modulars by Denver Lawson, pp. 10 – 11
Book compiled by Paula Versnick
Published 2011 by Orihouse, Netherlands
ISBN 978-90-809243-3-8
Available at www.orihouse.com and at www.origami-shop.com


6 inch paper gives a 5 inch model
6 sheets nice color or print kami – recommend 3 colors, 2 of each
PLUS 6 sheets of your least favorite color even white/white
Pockets will be created by folding two sheets together!!