Convention 2021
This class will be presented online.
Low Intermediate
Andrey Hechuev
Andrey Hechuev

Simple and easy modular which might joined in icosohedral an rhombicuboctahedral shapes.
Units are very fast and easy to fold.
Joining needs some patience. Might need clips.


Size: from 7,5 cm to 10 cm (≈ 3 in to 4in)
Shape: squares
Number: 48 as on picture (or 30)

Type: any stiff, not slippery, not too thick paper medium grammature (from 70 gsm to 110 gsm).
Kami is okay. Best: tant, efalin, biotop, sirio, elephant hide, kraft.
It is almost one colour model, so no need duo-side paper.

Tools are not necessary.
Bone folder and tweezers might be helpful.