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Multi-Box with Optional Toppers


Origami Connect Summer/Fall 2017

Date and Time
Sunday, October 15, 2017, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT
Low Intermediate
Arlene Gorchov

Arlene Gorchov, origami enthusiast, international convention attendee and fantastic teacher, will share a multi box with optional toppers. The box is by White Paper, In-Kyoung Lee from Korea and is rated as low intermediate. Arlene has creatively embellished the multibox with various toppers from other creators. The box is a delightful container with a diagonal opening created from a pinwheel base. It can be embellished by glueing favorite flowers or decorations to camouflage the diagonal opening. Arlene will teach 1 -
2 toppers as time allows.

Supplies needed:

For your first box I recommend
12" scrapbooking paper for the Box
2 or 3 pieces of 6" (duo optional) paper for the various toppers
1 or 2 pieces of 3"sheets as inserts
2 or 3 pieces of 6” for the flowers/stars