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Origami Connect pages are now closed. Please check back in a few months; we'll have a new set of classes.

Origami Connect Registration

We're excited that you will be joining us for video class(es)! You'll need to do the following:

After you register for the Origami Connect class(es), you will receive an email confirmation and instructions on how to connect.

Origami Connect Sign-up includes:

  • Access to the live online event
  • A link to the recording of the event (one week later)

If you cannot attend the live event, you must still register BEFORE the event to get the link to the recording of the event. There are no cancellations since the recording will be available.

Regular classes are $10 each, but we again offer a "Buy 4 get 1 Free" deal. Register by October 10, 2019 for this deal.

Registration Form

Please log into a website account to register for Origami Connect. If you already have one, you can log in here, and if you don't yet have one, you can create one here.