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Origami Connect pages are live! You can now register for online classes.

Origami Connect Registration

You must register in order to attend Origami Connect events, even if the event is free. You do not need to be a member of OrigamiUSA to attend (although we always appreciate new members!). After you have registered, you will receive confirmation and instructions on how to connect.

Registration includes:

  • Attendance at the live on-line event
  • A link to the recording of the event

If you cannot attend the live event, you must still register (BEFORE the event) to get the recording; recordings will not be available to non-registrants. There are no cancellations, since the recording will be available.

The fee for one Origami Connect fee is $10. We are offering a SPECIAL: Buy 3 get 1 free! Register by September 17, 2018 for this deal!

Registration for each event will close five days prior to the event.

Registration Forms

Please log into a valid web account in order to register online for Origami Connect. You do not need to be a member of OrigamiUSA (though we hope you will join at some point), but you must be signed into a web account. If you already have one, you can log in here, and if you don't yet have one, you can create one here.