On Tuesday, June 30, OrigamiUSA hosted the 2nd Conference on Copyright in Origami, held at the American Museum of Natural History, with approximately 50 people in attendance. Presenters discussed various issues related to the topic of copyright in Origami, beginning with an overview of the law relevant to origami copyright presented by Jon Rochlis, a law student who has been studying this topic, and proceeding with both case studies, field reports, and opinions (both pro and con) on whether and how origami should be protected.

The agenda of the meeting is given below. Some presenters have made copies of their slides available, which you will find among the links. For presentations that did not have slides, Marcio Noguchi has generously provided a copy of notes he took on all presentations. All available presentations are in the links below.


Time Title Presenter
10:30 Opening remarks Robert J. Lang
10:40 Overview of U.S. Copyright Law Jon Rochlis
11:20 How does Copyright apply to Origami? Robert J. Lang
11:40 Case: Korean Copyright Violation Makoto Yamaguchi/Eiko Matsuura
12:00 If you don't make your product free, piracy will do it for you Nicolas Terry
12:20 LUNCH ---
1:20 Case: NHK (Japan TV Broadcasting) Koichi Tateishi
1:40 The use of artwork in advertising Joseph Wu
2:00 Case: Cindy Ng June Sakamoto
2:20 BREAK ---
2:35 OAC Update Dave Brill
2:55 Case: Origami iPhone App Won Park
3:15 The Opposing Viewpoint Joseph Wu
3:35 Copyright Future, Q & A, closing remarks Jan Polish

For further information about copyright in origami, please check out OrigamiUSA's policy and FAQ on copyright.

Slides and Notes