How and where do I vote for the Board of Directors?

Voting takes place at the Annual Meeting. You can vote in person at the annual meeting or appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. You can appoint our designated proxy by postal mail or via email by filling out your online proxy ballot.

What does "proxy” mean?

In sending your ballot to our designated proxy (who is also the ballot counter), you are designating that person to be your proxy, which means that he will cast a vote on your behalf at the annual meeting. Simply put, you are asking him to vote for you, and you are telling him how you want to vote.

Must I use the designated proxy?

No, you may appoint any proxy you wish, however, that person must vote in person on your behalf at the Annual Meeting and their proxy designation from you must conform to NY state law for proxy ballots. To designate a different proxy, please request a paper proxy ballot from the office, fill it out with the person’s name you wish to designate and have that person bring the ballot to the Annual Meeting to vote for you.

Can I fill out a proxy ballot online?

Yes; if you are eligible to vote and have a website account, you can fill out a proxy ballot online that will be emailed to the designated proxy, appointing him/her as your proxy for the election.

Email can be unreliable. How do I know that my online proxy ballot was received?

In addition to email, your designation and votes are stored, encrypted, on our local system where they will be used by the ballot counter. Only the ballot counter has access to the encrypted votes. After you have submitted your online proxy ballot,, your personalized ballot page will show that your vote was recorded.

If I wish to vote by proxy, must I use the online system?

No, it’s not required. You may request a paper proxy ballot from the Home Office and send it in via postal mail.

Why do I have to put my name and membership number on my postal proxy ballot?

We need to verify that each vote comes from a current member, and that no member votes more than once. Your name and membership number allows us to do that.

Should I sign my name on the postal proxy ballot?


If I have to put my name on the postal proxy ballot, won't everyone know how I voted?

The only person who sees your ballot is the person who counts them. That person does not reveal any individual votes to anyone else.

Who can see my vote if I use the online system?

All proxy ballot information stored in the online system is encrypted with a password known only to the ballot counter, so only the ballot counter can see them. After the election is over, all records are cleared.

Our family members have different names. Does it matter what name I use on the postal proxy ballot?

The person who counts the ballots checks the name on the ballot against the membership number, and if they don't match they will reject the ballot. To make that person's job easier, please use the name that appears first on the address label. If you're not sure which name that is, writing all the names on the ballot will help the ballot counter to identify your membership.

Can anyone vote in the Board elections?

No; you must be a current member 50 days prior to the election and on the date of the election, and Junior and Society memberships are not eligible to vote.

If we have a family membership, how many votes do we have?

Each eligible membership, no matter what category, gets one vote. That means a family membership gets only one vote.

I'm not really sure how to vote. Can I let the proxy choose for me?

No -- that is not the proxy's function. The proxy will cast a vote for you based on your instructions. If you don't make a clear choice, the proxy will not vote your ballot.

What happens if I send in a blank postal proxy ballot?

The proxy will not cast any votes on your behalf.

May I write in a candidate?

No. Write-in candidates will not satisfy the candidate eligibility criteria and so any write-in names will be ignored.

What happens if I don't vote for as many candidates as there are open seats?

The proxy will cast votes for the candidates you choose, and no others.

What happens if I create a proxy ballot on the website and also send in a proxy ballot by mail?

Each proxy ballot revokes any previous ballot, so if you vote multiple times, the most recently received one (whether web or postal) will prevail. Postal delivery times are unpredictable, so we strongly suggest you not use the postal proxy ballot if you vote more than once.

I have a few questions I'd like to ask the Board. Can I include them with my ballot?

The person counting the ballots—for obvious reasons—is acting independently and doesn't have regular contact with either the Board or other OrigamiUSA volunteers. If you wish to communicate with them, it is better to contact OrigamiUSA directly.