Jason Ku

I have served as a Board Member of OrigamiUSA for the past four years. During this time I have tried to expand the reach of many OrigamiUSA programs. In addition to managing OrigamiUSA's online magazine, The Fold, I have been involved in many other initiatives including: the online submissions process, the online downloads exchange, introduction of an online membership, removing the distinction between the local and remote board members, reorganizing our interaction with Community Origami Groups (previously Local Area Groups, system to be deployed this year), and exploring future expansion of online classes. Each of these initiatives seek to broaden the interaction between OrigamiUSA and the origami communities and beyond. In the past year, I have become more involved in the finances of OrigamiUSA. I hope to continue expanding our organization by targeting programs that can expand revenue in order to generate funds for new and valuable programs to connect folders from around the world.

During my time as a board member, I have come to understand that the pace of change in our organization is slow. But reflecting back upon the growth of our board in recent years, I would like to continue to be a part of the new and exciting direction that OrigamiUSA is driving. I promise to continue to keep an open ear to the desires of the entire membership, and work to support initiatives that expand the ability of folders to interact, and expand the role of origami in people's lives. I would appreciate your support.

Uyen Nguyen

Hi Folders! My name is Uyen Nguyen ("WinWin") and I am delighted to be running for the Board of Directors of OrigamiUSA. Origami is a huge part of who I am, it has shaped my character and given me so much. I'd like to give back by serving on the board of OrigamiUSA. I want to contribute to and further the mission of the organization.

I believe I am a well-qualified candidate for this position. I was the founder and president of the Origami Club at The Cooper Union. I was commissioned by David Yurman Jewelers to make origami holiday window displays for all of their flagship stores. My work has also been used as centerpieces for formal functions at the President's residence at Cooper Union. And perhaps most notably, I organized and curated Surface to Structure: Folded Forms, the largest and most diverse exhibition of origami in North America to date. I'd like to use these past experiences to move OrigamiUSA forward. I, like President Zeichner, also would love to see a Museum of Origami open one day, and I believe that mounting more exhibitions with OrigamiUSA will bring us closer to achieving that vision. Having exhibitions will increase public exposure to origami, promoting our artists, and potentially bringing in new members and inspiring new artists. Surface to Structure, though only open for two weeks, brought in over 3000 visitors, many from out of state and overseas.

My other experiences with origami include teaching children to fold origami to introduce them to the art (The World Science Festival, Williamsburg Northside School -- Brooklyn, NY), hosting origami auctions as charity fundraisers (New York Cares for Hurricane Sandy relief, The Cooper Union Annual Fund), researching mechanical phenomena of origami structures (Cornell University -- The Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics), and applying origami design to women's apparel. I look to push the boundaries of origami, and have experimented with folding materials other than paper, such as metal and fabric. I am constantly looking for excuses to apply technology to origami, and I enhance a number of my works with LED illumination. I believe that my origami expertise is very well rounded, having roots in both the sciences and the arts, in teaching and in fundraising. I'd like to get more involved with the community, working on these origami projects with other OrigamiUSA members, both to teach and to learn from them. Let's share ideas about the future of origami, and together, bring those ideas to life.

Kathleen Sheridan

In fourth grade I was introduced to the magic of a piece of paper. My school held a morning of workshops; I chose calligraphy, microwave-cooking and origami. My schedule took me to origami first. I still recall the excitement I had entering that room, seeing the instructor in a kimono and the glorious display of origami models. I was so taken with this new art form that I skipped calligraphy and microwave-cooking to stay and learn all that I could! This clearly explains my lack of cooking skills and my horrible penmanship.

I folded throughout the next 15 years learning what I could from library books. Close friends enjoyed my folding but I was, for all practical purposes, a lone folder.

It was when I moved to Phoenix, AZ, that my folding story began to grow. It was a time of turmoil for me and a dear friend asked me, "what has always brought you joy?" My immediate response? Origami. The internet was just becoming popular at that time so I searched and found the amazing Phoenix group who welcomed me for 7 years. It was here that I learned of OUSA and THE convention in NY.

I moved to Minnesota and immediately connected with the local folding group. Eventually I became the organizer/contact person of my local group. I have held this role for 6 years. In 2009 I attended the NY convention for the first time. It was such an amazing experience meeting other folders, learning the history and seeing how people were applying origami to other careers. My head spun the rest of the summer.

I have continued to attend OUSA each year. I have also attended Centerfold, PCOC, the Canadian Convention, the AEP in Spain and the Cali, Colombia Convention. I taught for the first time at the NY convention last year. This past April I taught an on-line class for special sessions. Both were great experiences.

I have a degree as a Secondary Spanish teacher and taught Spanish for 18 years. I resigned last August and have started a business teaching origami. I loved the teaching part of my 18-year career and I love children and interacting with people. I am following my bliss and sharing the magic of paper-folding!

Being an OUSA Board member would be a wonderful way for me to give back to the origami world that has truly helped shape my life. I believe I have a lot to offer the origami community. I am organized, dedicated and passionate. I have the ability to listen and to lead. I am creative and love to brainstorm new ideas. I believe I can add a new perspective to the Board and I welcome the opportunity to serve.