Sunil Dhavalikar

I am "That little Indian guy" you may have seen in the OrigamiUSA conventions. You may have noticed me in oversize folding and recently organizing "Origami to Go" as well as teaching in the recent conventions.

I have been a member of Origami USA for over 15 years and consistently been attending most of the conventions throughout this period. I have been an avid Origami folder and small craft artist from early childhood. I live very active social life, holding board positions in several community and corporate organizations. I run two Kumon Math and Reading centers and my wife runs an Indian catering and Food Manufacturing business. Together with our social work and business experience, I consider myself a seasoned community organizer and can bring strong organizational skills, fundraising and event management skills to the table. I am also strong in handling communications and have been the social media coordinator for two other organizations.

I wish to bring the origami world together using today's and future technology, creating a connected global Origami network; and just like music, ceramics or sculpture, introduce Origami as a mainstream subject in the school education. I believe it not only brings immense joy but has a potential to offer many practical solutions to real life. In my opinion, academic and theoretical origami is just in its infancy and has a potential to give rise to wonderful creators and creations as well as inventors and inventions helping real life, if taught in the schools from early on. In this respect, I would like to work with current experts to raise origami awareness in the education field and develop a school curriculum from K to 12 and beyond.

Jason Ku

I have served as a Board Member of OrigamiUSA for the past six years. During this time I have tried to expand the reach of many OrigamiUSA programs. In addition to managing OrigamiUSA's online magazine, The Fold, I have been involved in many other initiatives including: the online submissions process, the online downloads exchange, introduction of an online membership, removing the distinction between the local and remote board members, reorganizing our interaction with Community Origami Groups, and exploring future expansion of online classes. Each of these initiatives seek to broaden the interaction between OrigamiUSA and the origami communities and beyond. For the past two years I have served as Board treasurer, and have worked to restructure our booking and budgeting processes, and have produced tools to generate automated visual financial reports to facilitate monthly analysis. I hope to continue expanding our organization by targeting programs that can expand revenue in order to generate funds for new and valuable programs to connect folders from around the world.

During my time as a board member, I have come to understand that the pace of change in our organization is slow. But reflecting back upon the growth of our board in recent years, I would like to continue to be a part of the new and exciting direction that OrigamiUSA is driving. I promise to continue to keep an open ear to the desires of the entire membership, and work to support initiatives that expand the ability of folders to interact, and expand the role of origami in people's lives. I would appreciate your support.

Kathleen Sheridan

I have enjoyed my first term serving on the board for OUSA and I am seeking a second term. Being on the board of a membership-driven organization has taught me a lot. In addition, I have enjoyed getting to know more of the members of OUSA. Some of my favorite board experiences these past two years were when members came to me to ask a question, voice a concern or make a suggestion. I originally ran for the board to be an advocate for the members and that continues to be my goal.

I firmly believe in being an involved board member and have been active in the following ways :

  • Committee member and host of Origami Connect - a fantastic new initiative that is available to members and non-members to fold real-time with origami masters. This is a year-round commitment!
  • I am currently working on the fall line-up and hope you'll join us for a session or 2!
  • Help make online classes possible at convention by running the tech in the classrooms. The online classes are a valuable addition for those who cannot attend convention.
  • Persistent and strong advocate for properly documenting not only the work, but the stories of the legends of our times. I have recently enjoyed reading old copies of The Paper and The Newsletter for the Friends of The Origami Center of America.

To quote president Jean Baden-Gillette in the 1994 Winter Newsletter, "It is important that the Board Members know we are supported by the membership. When you vote, you cast a ballot of encouragement and support for this hard working team".