Edie Kort

I am interested in continuing to serve on Board of OrigamiUSA because I am passionate about origami and it’s importance in education and in the broader community. While on the Board I have participated in creating the code of conduct, served on a variety of subcommittees, and worked with the development of an online convention.

In order to bring origami more into the community I have given presentations at the local library and schools as well as at the state education conference; I worked with elementary students to fold star ornaments to decorate a holiday tree for a fundraiser and have informally taught and demonstrated origami at a variety of venues.

Origami engages multiple senses and offers positive experiences to students who may have learning styles not addressed in traditional approaches to education. I am interested in working to develop curriculum for origami in education. While mathematics education is my background and has a clear connection to origami, I think there are a variety of other curricular areas that have origami connections. Books have been written on origami and art, origami and story telling as well as other subjects. Connections can be made and materials developed not only for classroom use of origami, but also for community groups like Scouts and 4-H, libraries, as well as recreational activities for a variety of special needs and community groups. I have been folding (intermittently) since I was 9. James Sakoda (Modern Origami , Origami Flowers) was a colleague of my father. When the Sakoda family came over for dinner, Jim would always bring my mother a beautifully folded model as a gift. This inspired me to learn more about origami. Most of my life was spent in the northeastern US, but I now spend most of the year in the northwest. I continue to share my love of paper folding and other paper arts in classrooms and through community activities . When I lived in Rochester NY, I integrated origami into a variety of educational settings and co-founded the Rochester Origami Club.

The community of folders has always been welcoming to everyone with whom I have interacted. I would like to continue to take a more active role in this community and share my enjoyment of this activity with a broader community.

I would like your support for continuing on the board. I would like to continue to participate in the work of the Board and to increase and facilitate opportunities for people to connect to, enjoy and learn origami.

Jason Ku

I have served as an OrigamiUSA Board Member for the past 10 years. During this time I have tried to expand the reach of many OrigamiUSA programs. In addition to founding OrigamiUSA's online magazine, The Fold, I have been involved in many other initiatives including: the online submissions process, the online downloads exchange, introduction of an online membership, removing the distinction between the local and remote board members, reorganizing our interaction with Community Origami Groups, and exploring future expansion of online content, including taking the lead to organize FoldFest Spring 2021. Each of these initiatives seek to broaden the interaction between OrigamiUSA, the origami community, and beyond.

I served as Board Treasurer from 2015-2019, and Board Chair since 2019. As Treasurer, I worked to restructure our booking and budgeting processes, producing tools to generate automated visual financial reports to facilitate monthly analysis. As Chair, I worked to restructure Board Meetings to be more action/decision focused.

During my time as a board member, I have come to understand that the pace of change in our organization is slow. But reflecting back upon the growth of our board in recent years, I would like to continue to be a part of the new and exciting direction that OrigamiUSA is driving. I promise to continue to keep an open ear to the desires of the entire membership, and work to support initiatives that expand the ability of folders to interact, and expand the role of origami in people's lives. I would appreciate your support.

Rowen Pierick

For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by folded paper. Watching the way that my father creased and combined pieces of colored paper into boxes and stars from a very young age was fascinating to me. I knew then that this art form was unique and was something I wanted to pursue. I moved from library books, to local events in Wisconsin, to New York in 2011 for the Annual OrigamiUSA Convention, which I’ve attended every year since. The community inspired me to attend other origami events such as Tanteidan, PCOC, and several online events and regional meetups, where I’ve explored the medium and made friends of all ages who are also passionate about the art.

I’ve had the pleasure to help organize and support origami events, such as our local monthly meetup known as MadFolders as well as outreach events at libraries, art fairs, and afterschool programs. I’ve consistently found myself helping at OrigamiUSA with exhibits, assisting teachers with classes, and I most recently enjoyed being a Q&A Manager, supporting folders during live online classes during Foldfest.

As part of the next generation of folders, I want to offer my viewpoint to the OrigamiUSA Board. The future of Origami is important to me, which is why I want to help with the logistics of sharing this art form with all inspired to explore it.

Maddalena Romano

2021-05-20. Maddalena Romano has withdrawn herself from candidacy.

Kathleen Sheridan

I joined the board in 2015 and have enjoyed my time serving. I’ve learned about budgets, fundraising, membership, technology and so much more.

I’ve hosted and worked behind the scenes for Origami Connect for the last 6 years. It’s truly been a pleasure to work with all the excellent teachers and presenters we spotlight. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I played a role in the online activities: UNcon 2020 and WOD2020. I am currently on the 2021 Convention Committee.

Being on these committees, making origami more accessible to all and connecting the world give me joy. However, we all know there are only so many hours in a day. So as this spring set in, I settled in on the decision that I would not seek another term on the board. My reasoning was, I felt I was making a difference in the organization, and I felt I could continue to do so without being a board member.

It was in a recent conversation with a fellow board member and dear friend, that I realized I was wrong. She helped me see that by serving on the board I have helped create experiences and enhance programs.

I remain committed to OUSA. I would indeed like to continue to be an active board member. I will keep your best interests in mind, continue to brainstorm new ideas and speak out for what I believe is right. Contact me anytime.