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Frequently Asked Questions - Convention Ticketing

It is on the back of your name tag.

There are many choices of classes to take at the Convention and you might be wonderfully surprised by taking something unexpected. In addition, many attendees love to teach the models they've just learned. Wear your sticker that says, "Please teach me" with the name of the model you are interested in learning, and check the stickers that others are wearing with offers to teach. This informal teaching happens in the Hospitality area during breaks, or at the Late Night Folding.

No. The seating in the classrooms is set up to accommodate a specific number of students. Also, some teachers ask to teach a limited group, or have prepared a limited number of material sets.

No. This is not fair to the teacher and other students in the class as it creates a distraction.

You can get a Ticket from the ticketing board.

Please return the ticket to the ticketing board so someone else may use it, and choose something else (or not!). You might decide to skip a class period and go see the Exhibition or shop for books and paper.

With over 600 attendees and over 200 classes available over the course of the three days, this is the only efficient and fair way we have found to get tickets to all our attendees. If you prefer, you can use the ticketing board to get your tickets and still have a fantastic time.

Remember that you have to meet certain criteria to get Ticketing Priority. See the Priority Ticketing page for details.

Hand in your form at the Information Desk by midnight on the night before the day you are requesting tickets. Pick up your tickets at the Information Desk from 8:30am – 9:40am.