What paper should I use?

We've used many different types of paper for the tree in past years. Thin art papers with long fibers are the best, but it depends on what you are folding. Generally kami or plain wrapping paper or things with prints should not be used. Tissue foil is okay and even some foil is good too, but more interesting textures and papers would be better than foil;also matte foil is better than shiny or glossy foil. if a model is too bright, it stands out too much and may not be accepted for use.

When do you need models by?

The tree goes up in November a few weeks before Thanksgiving so we really need all models by the beginning of October to make sure we have enough time to prepare them to be put on the tree. Before sending any models, contact the Tree Committee at holiday-tree [at] origamiusa.org to find out what models are needed.

Can you send me diagrams from which I can fold models for the Holiday Tree?

Sorry, we can't send you copies of diagrams unless we have permission from the authors and/or publishers, but we can tell you what books that models are in.
When is the Tree available for viewing at the American Museum of Natural History?

The tree is opened to the public a few days before Thanksgiving until several days past New Years Day.