What is the members' mailing list?

The member's mailing list is a mailing list for members of OrigamiUSA to discuss anything related to origami and/or to OrigamiUSA. We also make announcements of events and other items of interest on the list.

How do I post to the list?

After subscribing on this page, you can post a message to the list by sending it to members [at] origamiusa.org. You must be subscribed in order for the message to get through.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe?

Those settings are on this page, which is one of the tabs of your user account page.

When I try to go to the "subscribe" page I get "Page Not Accessible." Help!

In order to subscribe to the list, you need to be (a) signed into the website, (b) a current member of OrigamiUSA.

If you're a member but don't yet have a website account, you can register for one here.

If you're signed in, think you're a member, but the site says otherwise, please contact us at membership [at] origamiusa.org and we'll try to straighten it out.

What are the content guidelines for posting to the list?

Really, anything about origami in general or OrigamiUSA in particular is appropriate. That would include tips, techniques, local meetings, exhibitions, and general Q&A about origami matters. Postings of a mildly commercial nature (e. g. non-OrigamiUSA product or publication announcements, etc.) are acceptable if they are occasional and are of sufficiently wide interest to OrigamiUSA members. Do make sure that your posting is something that would be of interest to a range of people: one-on-one conversations between individuals often are not, and should be taken off-list.

Also, if you have a question specifically about the organization, please consider whether one of the specific email addresses on our contact page might be more appropriate. While OrigamiUSA volunteers often post on the list and monitor it, you're likely to get a quicker and better response if you send it to the right person directly. Of course, questions whose answer would be of broad interest are always welcome on the list.

Please do not post bare links to other web pages with no discussion. For one thing, some ISPs automatically flag such emails as spam. At the very least, please add a few sentences to the body of your message explaining why you found this significant and/or why you're recommending it.

In general, follow the Golden Rule: do as to others as you would have done to you. Be polite, give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and recognize that sometimes you need to agree to disagree with someone and no amount of discussion will ever resolve a difference of opinion.

What is the policy about formatting, quoting, and attachments?

Quoting.Please always (a) trim quoted emails to just the bit that's relevant to your message, and (b) post your response below the quoted part.

HTML formatting. You can, if you wish, use HTML formatting (colors and fonts) if you wish to further distinguish quoted from new text. Please be aware that some people may not see the formatting, however, depending on their email application, so do consider at least creating some blank space or other separating between quoted material and your text. If you like, you can interleave quoted and new material.

Linking is better than embedding. To share an image or other content, please consider posting it online and sending a link to the list, rather than embedding a large picture or attachment in your email. You can send small (<1 MB) attachments if you must. Please send sparingly - we want the list to be easy to read and download for everyone, everywhere, regardless of local network speeds, etc.

Remember that there are uncountable numbers of different email applications in use, and no one format will look great everywhere, under all circumstances. Keep your messages as simply structured as possible, and keep in mind that some list members may read them in plain text format, without colors and fonts.

Can I CC other people (or lists) on my posting?

When you post to the members' mailing list, members [at] origamiusa.org should be in the "To" field and should be the only destination email address in your message.

This means that you should not CC anyone on list postings. This is to save third parties from having their addresses exposed to the entire list without their consent. As a side effect, you should not CC even yourself, nor post to multiple lists simultaneously.

And the members mailing list address needs to be in the "To" field, rather than the CC or BCC field, so that people replying to your message can easily reply to the list.

By default, when you hit "reply", the list's address will be placed in the "To" field of your mail. If you don't want many hundreds of people to read your post, check the "To" field before sending! (It's a fine habit to get into, anyway.)

How do I change my email address for the list?

The members' mailing list uses the email address that is associated with your OrigamiUSA membership (and your website account), so if you change one, it will change them all. To make this change, after signing into your website account, go to:


You can enter a new email address there.

Can I use a different email address from the one I use for my OrigamiUSA membership?

Sorry, no. The email address at which you are subscribed must be the one associated with your website account and with your OrigamiUSA membership.

Can I search through list archives?

No, sorry, for this list we do not maintain a public archive, though we hope to create one in the future.

Can I see who all is subscribed to the list?

No. And neither can anyone else (outside of the list owners). OrigamiUSA doesn't give, rent, or sell lists of member information to anyone, and that policy extends to our members' email addresses.

I don't see my own postings to the list. Why not?

The mailing list sends all postings to all members, including you. So if you post something to the list, you'll get a copy once it's passed moderation (or immediately if you are unmoderated).

However, some email clients, notably Gmail, automatically file received messages where you're the sender. Gmail helpfully (?) and automatically refiles such messages into your "All Mail" folder. If you look there, or search for your messages, you'll find them. In other words, it has nothing to do with the members' list, but rather is part of the Gmail email client. ( There is, as far as we have been able to determine, no way around this other than to change email clients.)

What do I do if I have a question about this list that isn't answered in this FAQ?

Write to the owner/moderators at members+owner [at] origamiusa.org. Please be as detailed as possible in your query and we'll try to clear things up.