2009 Board Elections: Here are the Candidates!

The election of the OrigamiUSA Board of Directors will take place on June 27th at the annual meeting. We have received several nominations and the following names will be on the ballots:

Candidates for Local Directors: (3 Class B expiring 2011)

  • Jean Baden-Gillette
  • Ros Joyce*
  • Vyda Liaugaudas
  • Toby Schwartz*

Candidates for Remote Directors: (2 Class B expiring 2011 and 1 Class A expiring 2010)

  • Ruthanne Bessman*
  • Eric Gjerde*
  • Robert Lang*
  • Anne LaVin
  • Margaret Van Sicklen*
  • Michael Weinstein

* = current member of the Board

The proxy ballots will be mailed out before May 18th. Please look for them in the mail. This year only members who are eligible to vote will receive proxy ballots pre-populated with their names and member numbers.

Also, please look for the candidates' statements after May 10th on the website here. Printed statements will be mailed along with the proxy ballots. (Candidates may post longer statements on the website than what is mailed with the proxy ballots and may add to the website statement over time.) You are also encouraged to have an active dialog with the candidates using the OrigamiUSA mailing list to further expand their views from their statements.

Lastly, please make your voice heard and vote. To be eligible to vote, you need to be a member since May 9th, 2009. So please renew your membership by May 9th.

Best wishes and happy folding,

Shrikant Iyer
Chair-Election Committee