Brief Report: 2018 End-of-Year Matching Fundraising Campaign

Our fundraising campaign came to a close at the end of December 2018, and I am happy to report that we have exceeded the total amount raised over 2017 by more than $5,000 thanks to your generosity. In 2018 we received $8,200 in matching funds from 3 generous donors ($6,000) plus 100% of the Board of Directors ($2,200). Our goal was to generate $2 for every $1 of matching money. We received $15,258 in donations, giving us (with matching funds) a total of $23,458 raised. This represents $1.87 in donations for every $1 in matching funds. Kudos to our matching donors who inspired almost twice as much in donations from others.

I am also really happy to report that we had a total of 193 donors this year --- 205 if matching donors are included!! In addition to many donations of $100 and up, we had a record number of smaller donations. This participation by a diverse group of donors makes me so excited about the increased level of philanthropy developing in our community. Many thanks to all, including all of our volunteers who donate a priceless amount of time.

Submitted by Char Morrow, Chair, Fundraising Committee