Convention 2020 is on Hold

We regret to announce that we are putting Convention 2020 plans on hold due to the COVID-19 virus. At present, there is a ban on any gathering of over 10 people in New York. While we have not yet heard from St. John’s regarding their plans for the summer, we feel that this is the safest plan for our community. We certainly cannot assume that things will be back to normal by June.

If you have made reservations to come to New York in June for the Convention, we recommend you cancel them (though please note that airlines and hotels vary in their refund policies, so please check with them on how best to do this). In case you have not made reservations, please do not do so. We will update our community via website, social media, and email as things develop.

We are considering alternative ways to keep our community connected during this difficult time. So please be on the lookout for some fun origami-related activities online. Our website will have the latest information on our plans.

Stay safe and sane!

Wendy Zeichner
CEO/President, OrigamiUSA
o/b/o The OrigamiUSA Board of Directors