Donate to OrigamiUSA's Vision (Limited Edition T-shirt Gift)

OrigamiUSA is making progress towards our new vision. See the letter from our president for the inspiring details. It will not happen overnight, but through a slow and steady pace of hard work and fundraising.

Our Committees are doing their part with hard work. Recently, the Business Committee and the Online Presence Committees have created the new feature to allow the sale of individual diagram downloads in The Origami Source. The Local Area Groups Committee has published the results from the Survey of the local groups and we are looking at more ways to support folding activities around the country. We have created an Education Committee that will be working towards creating curriculums and teacher certifications. The beginnings of our Origami School!

For the fundraising part, we need your help! Membership dues cover only 20% of our budget. Please consider donating to OrigamiUSA. For a donation of $50, we are offering a thank-you gift of a limited edition T-shirt. See below for details on the shirt and click here to choose your T-shirt and donate. Or, you can click here to donate an amount under $50; any amount helps. Thank you!

Deadline to donate and get T-shirt Thank-you gift is Nov 14, 2012.

Although you can donate to OrigamiUSA anytime and in any amount, this is a limited run special edition T-shirt. To receive this thank you gift we must receive your donation of $50 or more by Nov. 14, 2012. Shirts will be available to ship in early December. Let us know (in the comments) if you need the shirt by a specific date in December, 2012. These shirts will NOT BE SOLD by OrigamiUSA online or at Convention.

A Classic Design

Old-timers will remember the wonderful convention T-shirts designed by Kathleen O'Regan. For a limited time only, we are bringing back one of our favorites from the Annual Convention of 1989, the shirt with the origami symbols. These shirts were originally printed in white on black T-shirts and in black on white T-shirts. For this thank-you gift we are pleased to offer both Limited Edition Red and Classic Black shirts with white printing.

red t-shirt black t-shirt

Many thanks to Kathleen O'Regan for making this design available to OrigamiUSA.

Three T-shirt styles to choose from

  • A regular unisex crew-neck shirt available in adult and children's sizes. These are like the T-shirts we usually have for Convention and are made from 100% heavy weight cotton.
  • A Ladies Fit Soft Style v-neck shirt made from wonderfully softer feeling cotton. It has cap-sleeves and is more form fitting than the one we had available for the 2012 Convention. (No child sizes.)
  • A Unisex Soft Style v-neck made from wonderfully softer feeling cotton. It is a Euro-style fit that is more form-fitting than a standard T-shirt. (No child sizes.)

Photos of all the styles are available on the donation form. Click here to donate and see the shirt styles.