The New Origami Source Is Open for Business

The Origami Source is back, bigger, and better than ever!

OrigamiUSA's online shop, The Origami Source, has been replaced with a new E-commerce system that makes it bigger, faster, prettier, more convenient, and even a little bit less expensive, than it ever was before!

The new Source is an integrated part of the overall website, and you'll find it by clicking on the SHOPPING link in the menu bar or going to this URL: You'll find a new left menu bar for easier browsing by product type, title, subject, or language; you'll find a powerful search that can take you directly to a product that you're looking for; and you'll find big, beautiful photos and descriptions of all the products in the store.

Second-best is that while you don't need to be a member of OrigamiUSA to buy from The Source, if you ARE a member and are signed in to your OrigamiUSA web account, you'll automatically receive your 10% discount as a line item as you check out. (The flip side of this is you MUST be signed in to get the discount; there's no way to apply a discount once the order is submitted.)

But best of all, it's cheaper! Specifically, when you order online, shipping prices are generally a bit lower than they were in the past, because we're now able to price things by weight and size, rather than the fixed rates we used to have to use. (Whether or how much much a given package/combo is cheaper depends on the specifics, but overall, it's cheaper.)

Another feature of the new system is that under the MY ACCOUNT menu on the website, you'll see a new personalized listing that shows the status of all online orders you've placed, so you can see when they've shipped.

As before, you can order online or via paper form. And, just like our online convention registrations, credit card charges are processed securely over SSL, and once the charge goes through, your credit card information is not retained (the most secure way to protect it is to not store it at all).

We hope you'll like the new Source (and that you'll order lots and lots of stuff from it!).

Best regards,

Mike and Janet Hamilton (Origami Source Managers)
Robert, Trevor, Anne, and Jim (OrigamiUSA's WebTeam)