During this time of worldwide shut-in and social-distancing,OrigamiUSA is helping origami groups to meet virtually and remind ourselves that origami truly is a worldwide community built on sharing! Here are some of the things we are doing:

The OrigamiUSA Calendar is Open: Post your Online Meeting

Many community origami groups have turned to virtual meetings using videoconferencing platforms. Some groups are also more than happy to open their meetings to anyone who would like to join in! To help facilitate this, we have opened up our calendar of events to anyone who wants to post information about an online meeting. Some meetings are for the COG group members only; some are open to the wider folding community. See the calendar for details.

Zoom Meeting Space Available to Community Origami Groups

Since many virtual platforms limit the free version of their software to short meetings, OrigamiUSA has purchased a Zoom license for community groups to use for their meetings. It is only one license, so we have set up a calendar for groups to schedule shared use of the virtual meeting room. See here for calendar and scheduling links.

Ways to Connect

There are many other ways to set up videoconferencing for your folding group. We have created a page outlining some of the simple ways.

Origami Connect Summer Sessions

Normally we take off for the summer during Convention season and only have Origami Connect classes in the winter, spring and fall. But we are working on organizing summer Origami Connect classes. Watch the website and your email for further details.

Online Convention?

We are working on it, but not quite sure what it will look like yet. Stay tuned for more.

Stay safe and healthy!