OrigamiUSA has a new Webmaster!

OrigamiUSA has hired a new webmaster to develop and maintain our websites (www.origamiusa.org, www.origamiusa.org, www.origamiusa.org/wod). Trevor James comes to us with a wealth of experience in website design, with strong backgrounds in technical website programming and graphic design. Trevor was the unanimous choice among our hiring team, and we are excited about the possibilities he offers. In these first months, Trevor will be learning the systems of our existing site and managing our move to a new hosting service, but we hope to create new functionality and ease of use over the coming months with his able assistance. If you'd like to check out some of Trevor's past work, take a look at:


On a related topic, the Board of Directors of OrigamiUSA would like to thank and recognize the past webmaster, Mark Saliers, who is stepping down after some eight years of service. Mark, a member of OrigamiUSA for over 20 years, took over the old website in 1998 and has supported and extended it over the past eight years, in many cases filling in when he was given incomplete information, based on his own knowledge as an avid folder. In recognition of his years of work, OrigamiUSA is giving Mark a gift certificate to The Origami Source, four years of membership, and our thanks for all his contributions.