The OrigamiUSA Survey is closed.

[May 16, 2008 update: The survey described below has been completed.]

Are you an origami enthusiast? Then please fill out this survey!

The non-profit organization OrigamiUSA began in the 1970s and 1980s. Back then its primary mission was to communicate origami-related news to its members as well as offer them a way to buy origami books and paper. With the advent of the internet it has become much easier for origami enthusiasts to obtain such information, paper, and model instructions on their own.

Therefore, OrigamiUSA is very interested to know what origami enthusiasts would like from our organization, not only from our current members, but also from non-members.

This survey is intended to be anonymous. Current and recent OrigamiUSA members will be receiving a copy of it in the mail, but it can also be taken online. If you send a printed copy of the completed survey to us, please refrain from writing your name on it -- the survey will be filed and the envelope discarded.

If you prefer to take this survey online instead of the paper version, please do so here:
Here's a shorter link that goes to the same place:

If you have any questions, contact Thomas Hull, the chair of the Membership Policy Committee.