PCOC 2015: Remote Classes, Silent Auction, and Remote Tour

Can't Go To Boulder? Here are ways you can participate remotely…

Broadcast Classes

At the annual convention we've been broadcasting classes so that members who are not attending convention can join the classes remotely. We're pleased to announce that we're continuing that policy at PCOC 2015, and our line-up of amazing classes available for remote viewing has now been posted.

Once you register, you'll be sent further instructions on how to connect.

Remote Bidding On Silent Auction

In addition, we're starting a new tradition. During each of our conventions we hold a Silent Auction where items are put out for attendees to bid on by adding their name and amount onto a bid sheet. There is usually a minimum bid, and bidders can raise the bid by (at least) pre-determined amount increments.

This year we have some rare and unique items, including each issue of ORU Magazine and several out-of-print books by Akira Yoshizawa, and we would like to give non-attending members the opportunity to bid remotely, via a proxy. You will need to let us know the maximum you are willing to spend. The proxy will keep adding a new bid on your behalf whenever someone else tops your prior bid, until the item reaches your maximum. If you win, we will contact you and you can pay by contacting the OrigamiUSA home office with your credit card number.

You can see cover images and links to contents here.

If you're interested in bidding, please use the form at the bottom of the page. You can list multiple items in one submission, but please make certain the item number and maximum bid for each item is clear.

Remote Tour

And as a third way to enjoy PCOC without being there, we'll have a free LIVE feed, which will let you see other parts of the convention; you can take a Guided Tour of PCOC with host Jason Ku. He'll show you the exhibition, talk to our Special Guests, and chat with attendees. If you'd like to join, just open the following URL on your browser on Friday, October 9th, between 8:00pm and 8:45pm, Mountain Daylight Time.


Using this technology, you'll be able to join the tour, interact with attendees using Live Chat, ask questions and provide comments. No pre-registration is necessary, there is no cost, and it's not limited to members.