PCOC 2021 Diagram Book

The PCOC 2021 Diagram book is complete and available for pre-order at The Source. You can also buy a PDF of the book which will download to your account upon purchase. It is available for $17 from now to November 30, 2021. Get yours before the price goes up. It’s an amazing collection of models!

Wine Fundraiser (Now through November 11)

We are also offering delicious wines from Northwest Cellars, with a choice of beautifully designed custom labels to celebrate our PCOC event in San Francisco. Wine ordering is now closed.

How to order:

Choose your wine and then pick the “Label already on file” option. Then in the Description/Comments section, you must write the name of the label you want and a note requesting the donation to OrigamiUSA. You may order a different label for each wine. See the ordering example below the label choices.

Choice of labels:

Ordering example: