Update on Cranes for WTC Tribute Center

Thank you to everyone who sent in cranes. We received almost 12,000! However, the Tribute Center told us they would only be able to accommodate 5,000 on Sept. 11 since they have no storage capacity due to flooding in their basement. (We are making arrangements with them for future distribution of the rest of the cranes.)

On September 10, 2011 over 5,100 individually packaged cranes were delivered to the WTC Tribute Center (opposite ground zero). Only family members were admitted to the Tribute Center on September 11, 2011 and cranes were given to those who attended.

On September 11, one hour before the Tribute Center was due to close for the day I received this email from Kimberly Greiger, Family Liason for the Tribute Center:

"We have maybe 100 cranes left just as the families are leaving - perfect timing!" "Thank you so much - everyone LOVED the cranes."