Volunteer Opportunities

Many of you volunteer during Convention, PCOC, and other OrigamiUSA events, and for that, we are hugely grateful! Volunteers like you keep OrigamiUSA running and help bring the joy of origami to the worldwide origami community!

As you might guess, in addition to the volunteer opportunities at and/or during events, there are also needs for volunteers at other times and places, and even during events, needs for volunteers with special skills or abilities. To help bring volunteers and volunteering needs together, we have introduced a new page on the OrigamiUSA website listing volunteer opportunities for which we have immediate needs.

Please take a look and see if any of these opportunities are something you can help with. There will be opportunities no matter where you live! Volunteering is a great way to give to our origami community and an opportunity to share a skill you have or learn a new one. OrigamiUSA is primarily run by volunteers, and we could not continue our mission to spread the joy of paperfolding without them.

There are two volunteer opportunities currently listed (area managers for the upcoming Convention and PCOC events), and more will follow. Please check back frequently to find the right opportunity for you!

We hope that this will encourage you to step forward to volunteer. Please contact us at volunteer-jobs [at] origamiusa.org with any questions or ideas. Thanks to all OrigamiUSA volunteers—you make a huge difference!