World Origami Days 2008

The World Origami Days celebration is just around the corner, October 24th until November 11th.  This year we have added a Flapping Bird Template to our website. Download this adorable paper, print it out, fold it up and spread the word. This template wishes Happy World Origami Days in English, Spanish, German, French and Danish. Thanks, Gracias, Dank Schoen, Merci, Mange Tak , to Kathryn and Caitlin Wagner for coming up with this international idea!

We have heard from Indianapolis Regional Origami Network of Folders together with the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library; they are holding a multi location event on November 1st and November 8th. It sounds like a lot of fun.  Check out our website for all the details.  If you know of any other events let us know and we will help you spread the word.

Margaret Van Sicklen
World Origami Days Committee, Chair