World Origami Days: Oct 24 - Nov 11

How will you be celebrating World Origami Days?

World Origami Days are almost here! This festive folding season goes from October 24th (Lillian Oppenheimer's birthday) through November 11th (Origami Day in Japan).

What could be more fun?

Origami can be shared in so many ways! You can fold on the bus, fold in line at the bank, fold at the library, give origami to your co-workers or your postal worker, or exhibit your models. Many places like parks, museums, or town squares have public spaces where you could fold and share with others. Events like local culture festivals, arts festivals, or fairs also may have space where you can share origami. No fine fairs or festivals in your home town? Try hosting an event of your own!

Please share with us how you'll celebrate WOD by going to our website. This forum can be used to share your thoughts, experiences and stories. And you can upload fun photos of your own festive function in the photo gallery.

We encourage you to share a photo and story about your activity, large or small, and help us achieve our dream of having the whole world fold!

Our WOD website has ideas, diagrams, customizable fliers, and World Origami Days model templates in various languages to print and fold. Borrow some ideas, and then hurry back to post your photos and stories!

OrigamiUSA WOD email address: wod-info [at]