Saturday, April 10, 2021, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EDT
Session 2
Jeannine Mosely

There are several other models of this approximate shape, also known as the stellated octahedron, or the intersection of two tetrahedra. What makes this version unusual is that each point can be made with just one color, while most other versions have multiple colors at each point. The modules are woven together, passing through the interior without interference, emerging on the far side to create four opposing pairs of same-color points.

This model is folded from 12 rectangular sheets of paper. Part of the class will be preparing paper to size (1:root-3). Please do not cut your paper in advance, because the paper-preparation also creates some of the initial folds that are needed.

Paper clips are required to keep the modules in place during construction, but when the final modules are put into place the model is stable.


12 sheets of 6” kami— 4 colors, 3 of each color. Suggested colors are green, yellow, purple and orange. Colors will be referred to by name during the construction. Scissors or cutting tool to cut paper to size. 24 paper clips (or mini clothespins) and a glue stick (just in case).