Sunday, December 1, 2019, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EST
Char Morrow/Janet Yelle

Enrica Dray Star is a modular star from 8 squares. The modules are simple and the assembly is intermediate. It's a fun, versatile star that has dimension but can also lie flat. Lots of beautiful results can be attained with different papers and variations. Pretty on a card, as a decoration and can even be used as a pin.

Petra Star is a super easy model by Maria Sinayskaya...great for the inexperienced folder, but advanced folders love it as well. It is very rewarding for the little time spent, and a great “quick fold” if you want to thank someone on the spot --- as long as you have 4 sheets of paper available!
Materials required: 4 squares. The models shown are made from 7.5 cm (3 in) --- one from duo and one from regular kami. Paper weight of kami or duo. Mono is not recommended. You will also need a slicer or scissors since we will be cutting each sheet of paper in half into 2 rectangles.

The 6 Pointed Star by Lewis Simon Is intermediate level. It is made from 2 equilateral triangles. Char will teach how to make the equilateral triangles, which is most of the challenge of the model. It's an easy model to fold once you have the triangles and very clever in the way the two units interconnect. As a bonus, Char will teach a sailboat model (pictured) that she designed with the leftover paper from making the equilateral triangle from a square. It is very easy to fold.
In addition to teaching, Char will talk about her work in origami and mathematics and about her work in math-art. She will tailor her remarks to the interests of the audience, so get your questions ready. You can even send questions ahead of time to origamiconnect [at]