Sunday, March 27, 2022, 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm EDT
Icarus Midair (Cristian Marianciuc)
Kathleen Sheridan
Icarus Midair (Cristian Marianciuc)

Cristian Marianciuc is a Romanian paper artist whose work revolves around the origami crane. He started a project called Icarus.mid.air. Every day Cristian would decorate a crane as a visual diary. The plan was to keep track of the passing of time, each day, in the shape of a decorated origami crane – each crane would describe in a creative way the type of day he was having.
Since 2014 he has been perfecting his very personal style which sees the humble yet beautifully symbolic traditional model of the crane come alive with the help of intricately cut wings, flowers, folkloric motifs and other decorative paper elements.
One of the central characteristics of his work is the concept of layering, in a literal but also a metaphoric sense. Each piece comes with a backstory, with increasingly personal references, a dedicated piece of music, and for his most recent collection – a fragrant muse.
We will get a taste of Cristian's process as he leads us through decorating/embellishing paper to create a meaningful and personal crane. Prior to this class contemplate images and thoughts that hold meaning for you and gather supplies that will help you achieve a representation of those images and thoughts.


15 x 15cm squares of white paper
Colouring pencils/pens, crayons or markers
PVA glue
Other items could be:
Dried or fresh flowers, leaves, feathers
Other smaller origami models (cranes of other shapes/animals)