Sunday, April 2, 2023, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm EDT
High Intermediate
Philip Chapman-Bell
Kathleen Sheridan
Philip Chapman-Bell

This is not origami, not as most use the word. Maybe it's modular kirigami. But then, many languages do not make a distinction between 'to fold' and 'to bend'. In this model we will bend paper into cylinders and cones and weave them together into a globe. Borromean refers to the Bruneian property of this model--constructed from 9 linked loops, not one of the loops actually passes through any other. If you are familiar with the 3-circle symbol for the Trinity--or with Ballantine beer--you know the Borromean rings. We're going to cube that in a spherical way. This model will involve cutting with scissors. It will involve glue. It will involve scoffing at purists.


Before class print all three pages in this file on lightweight cardstock: printed out on light cardstock.
Also needed: scissors, a glue stick and a pencil.