Sunday, December 4, 2016, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST
Laura Kruskal

Super-Duper Collapsible Gift Box, Candy Dish, Flat Gift Box, Crown, and Envelope -- a set of eye-catching holiday modular models, created by Laura Kruskal in 2016.

An earlier version of Laura Kruskal's Super-Duper Collapsible Gift Box was a hit at the 2016 OrigamiUSA convention. Laura has continued to improve the model and its spin-offs. This is the result -- perfect for holiday surprises!

At 93, Laura Kruskal has been passionate about origami for 7 decades, even before her beloved mother-in-law, Lillian Oppenheimer, founded OrigamiUSA (then the Origami Center of America).

This edition of OrigamiConnect gives you a chance to learn 5 of her original models and to see Laura's internationally acclaimed teaching methods in action. Along the way, you will get a sneak-peek at her home, a veritable museum of origami.

Joining Laura is Karen Reeds, a longtime folder, creator, and teacher. For more than ten years, Karen and Laura have led the monthly meetings of the Princeton Public Library Origami Group.

Participants will need to pre-fold 16 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 inch 20 or 24 lb printer paper, in at least 2 contrasting colors/patterns. A creasing tool is helpful.

On registration, participants will receive PDFs of:
1) a diagram for pre-creasing the 16 modules,
2) the International Origami Anthem, for printing out and folding into the Envelope.

The Super-Duper Collapsible Gift Box is an impressive cube, 5 1/2 inches on each side. It uses 16 very simple modules, folded from standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch 20 or 24 lb printer paper, in contrasting colors.
The Candy Dish uses 4 of the modules and becomes the lid or base of the Box.
The Flat Gift Box uses 8 of the modules, for a square gift box, with lid and decorative handles.
The Crown is the first, simplest, and most popular of all the Convention Crowns that Laura has created for Origami USA over the past 20+ years. It uses 4 modules. Constructing the Super-Duper Collapsible Gift Box requires 2 Crowns, so 8 modules in all.