Judging Criteria

A nominee should be a young person (18 or under at the time of the event) who shows great promise as a folder and who would benefit from developing his/her skills and ideas by attending an origami convention.

Nominees will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Sharing origami - How does the nominee share origami with others? In particular, we are interested in how the nominee has spread origami in his or her community.
  • Unique uses of origami - Does the nominee use origami in ways other than just mastering the folding process?
  • Value - How would attending a convention benefit the nominee?
  • Creativity - In what ways is the nominee creative with origami?
  • Passion - How is origami a passion for the nominee?

The ability of the nominee to create their own designs and fold supercomplex models will not play a large role in the selection process (but we would still love to know!).

Tips for Completing the Submission Form

  • Help us get to know you with examples and stories. If you are having trouble getting started, talk to parents, mentors, and/or friends in your origami community.
  • Details count!

    • Give as much information/details as possible.
    • Answer each question as completely as possible with all relevant information.
  • Convey your passion for origami!

    • List specific examples.
    • Use vocabulary that demonstrates enthusiasm.
    • Don’t hesitate to shine! You might feel awkward about “bragging,” but you are in the best position to tell us about your passion for and involvement with origami.
  • Include photos.