Judging Criteria

A nominee should be a young person who is 18 or under on December 31, 2024, who shows great promise as a folder and who would benefit from developing his/her skills and ideas by attending an origami convention.

Nominees will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Sharing origami - How does the nominee share origami with others? In particular, we are interested in how the nominee has spread origami in his or her community.
  • Unique uses of origami - Does the nominee use origami in ways other than just mastering the folding process?
  • Value - How would attending a convention benefit the nominee?
  • Creativity - In what ways is the nominee creative with origami?
  • Passion - How is origami a passion for the nominee?

The ability of the nominee to create their own designs and fold supercomplex models will not play a larger role in the selection process than any other qualifications, but if these activies are central to your origami passion and sharing, please do include them.

Tips for Completing the Submission Form

  • Help us get to know you with examples and stories. If you are having trouble getting started, talk to parents, mentors, and/or friends in your origami community.
  • Details count!

    • Give as much information/details as possible.
    • Answer each question as completely as possible with all relevant information.
  • Convey your passion for origami!

    • List specific examples.
    • Use vocabulary that demonstrates enthusiasm.
    • Don’t hesitate to shine! You might feel awkward about “bragging,” but you are in the best position to tell us about your passion for and involvement with origami.
  • Include photos.