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Past Scholarship Recipients

These are past recipients of OrigamiUSA's Scholarship Program. Know a young, deserving folder? Check out the program and make a nomination!

Annual Convention at St. John’s University, Queens, New York, 2018

  • Travis Nolan (16 years old) from Richardson, Texas
  • Kelly Tan (16 years old) from Los Altos, California

Travis and Kelly
Kelly Tan (right) and Travis Nolan (left).

In 2017, Kelly hosted an origami demonstration at Los Altos History Museum on the opening weekend of the exhibition 'I want the Wide American Earth: An Asian Pacific American Story'. She taught groups of children and adults how to fold origami and displayed various models around the museum. Kelly is interested in the interface among origami, math, and science. She is actively pursuing connections in medicine and was invited to attend a program at Johns Hopkins University this summer.

The diagrams for one of Travis’s original models, an oncavenator (dinosaur) were published in the 2017 East Bay Origami Convention book, and an image of the model was printed in Prehistoric Times, a paleontology magazine. He will be displaying several models at the Whiteside Museum of Natural History in Seymour, TX, this June for a prehistoric origami display. He has won numerous prizes for his models, and founded a Community Origami Group, ADROIT (Artists Doing Remarkable Origami in Texas). He is an excellent ambassador of origami with infectious enthusiasm.

Both Kelly and Travis were amazed at how many people share their interest and it fired them up to go home and be ambassadors for origami.

Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Convention in Los Angeles, California, 2017

  1. Alex Matthews (15 years old) from Crossville, Tennessee
  2. Harry Allen (11 years old) from Seattle, Washington

Alex and Harry   Alex and Harry and Robert
Left: Alex Matthews (left) and Harry Allen (right) enjoying meeting each other through origami.
Right: Robert J. Lang (left), Alex Matthews (middle), and Harry Allen (right).

Alex and Harry were prolific folders and creators before coming to PCOC 2017 in Los Angeles. Harry has his own YouTube channel and Alex has a self-published book and runs a popular local convention. They were both extremely excited and appreciative to have the opportunity to go to a convention and meet some of their origami idols, like Robert J. Lang. They attended classes, met new friends and went home even more excited about origami.