Where: All classes are held at the American Museum of Natural History (Central Park West at 81st Street, New York City) in the Children's Lunchrooms on the lower level. Lunch is available at the Museum cafeterias and the many local restaurants. If you are not a member of the American Museum of Natural History, to enter the museum specifically for the Special Sessions without paying the entrance fee, please enter at the museum entrance on Central Park West, lower level and show the museum security guard the receipt you were emailed when you registered for the Special Session(s).

When: Morning classes start promptly at 10:30 am and will run until approximately 12:30 pm. Afternoon classes start promptly at 2:30 pm and will run until approximately 4:30 pm. If you drive, allow plenty of time to park because street parking in the area is limited.

Why: Because we love to share the beauty and wonder of folding paper!

Who: You should be 8 years and older to take a class. Children between 8–13 must have a parent/guardian stay near by in the Lunchroom area. The only exception are Family Fun Classes which allow children 5 and older. In Family Fun, children between 5–8 must have an adult register and pay to take the class with them.

How: Your printed copy of your registration email or confirmation card will admit you to the Museum and to Special Sessions. Do not forget to bring it! If you do not receive written confirmation of your registration by the Wednesday before your scheduled class, call the OrigamiUSA Home Office at (212-769-5635).

What You Should Do

If your requested class is full, we will attempt to place you in your second choice. If both choices are full, or you do not select alternate classes, we will refund you with a voucher for a future Special Folding Fun Sessions class.

If you wish to cancel, you must do so in writing seven days before the class date. We will refund you with a voucher for a future Special Folding Fun Sessions class. If you cannot attend on the day of your class and you did not cancel in advance, we cannot provide you with a voucher. You can give your confirmation card to someone else and they can attend instead.

If you would like to volunteer to teach at a future Special Folding Fun Sessions, please email the Special Sessions team using our contact form.

If you are a student who is under 13 years old, your parent or guardian needs to stay in the School Lunchroom area or leave contact information with the organizers.

What's Your Folding Level?

BEGINNERS - If you have never folded before, we recommend you take a Family Fun class, which will help you learn some of the basics and terminology.

SIMPLE - These classes are for folders who have had a beginner folding experience with OrigamiUSA or elsewhere.

LOW INTERMEDIATE - These classes are for folders who have done some folding, know some terminology and can do an inside reverse fold. You should know how to fold a Waterbomb Base and a Preliminary Base.

INTERMEDIATE - To take an intermediate class, you should know how to fold a Bird Base from memory, and be good at inside reverse folds, outside reverse folds, and sink folds.

HIGH INTERMEDIATE - To take a high intermediate class, you should be comfortable folding double rabbit ears, crimps, double open sinks and stretching a Bird Base.

COMPLEX - To take a complex class you should be an experienced folder, be able to do all the types of folds mentioned in the intermediate levels, be comfortable folding from diagrams, and be able to follow intricate sequences of precise moves.

Also, keep in mind the types of models you are familiar with and let that guide you. For example, you might be at the complex level for modulars, but an intermediate level for animals.

Anything above the Simple level, one should be familiar with origami terminology, various folds and the bases. Take a class that best fits with your current level of folding experience.


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Did You Know?

Originally, Special Folding Fun Sessions was actually two different events that were sponsored by the Friends of the Origami Center of America (now OrigamiUSA). The first was Special Sessions, which were held on consecutive weekends with 1 class held each weekend day for about 8-10 weeks. The second was an event specifically designed to raise money, called the Folding Fund Fest and traditionally held in February. The Fund Fests were so much more fun than the Special Sessions, almost like little mini-conventions, that we decided to drop the "d" and call them Fun Fests and combine them with our Special Sessions classes.

The new Special Folding Fun Sessions were born. They are easier to organize and a lot more fun to go to. However, Special Folding Fun Sessions is still a fund-raising event for OrigamiUSA. So when you sign up for a class, you are not only signing up for a fun folding time, you are also helping to support OrigamiUSA and Michael Shall's vision to have all the world folding paper. Thanks for coming! See you there!