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Title Presenter Event Yearsort descending Keywords
Holiday Santa Kanoko9 World Origami Days 2022 teaching, intermediate, color-change, animals
Day 13: Complex/super Complex Intro to Folding and Designing Representational Hex Pleated Origami Brandon Wong & Boice Wong World Origami Days 2022 teaching, complex, supercomplex, abstract, corrugation, design techniques, folding techniques
Holiday Reindeer Kanoko9 World Origami Days 2022 teaching, intermediate, animals
Day 3: Star Quilt Arlene Gorchov World Origami Days 2022 teaching, modular, intermediate, color-change, abstract, geometric
Day 4: Curved Tessellation Ekaterina Lukasheva World Origami Days 2022 crease patterns, diagrams, low intermediate, intermediate, abstract, corrugation, geometric, tessellation, folding techniques
Day 9: Standing $House With Heart Jane Rosemarin World Origami Days 2022 money folds, intermediate, color-change, objects, video
Day 15: Santa with Bag Fumiaki Kawahata World Origami Days 2022 teaching, high intermediate, color-change, animals, objects
Day 16: Renzuru, a circle of connection. Paula Pietranera World Origami Days 2022 teaching, intermediate, abstract, geometric, animals
Day 18: Toucan Beth Johnson World Origami Days 2022 high intermediate, color-change, animals
Day 1B: Easel Charles Knuffke World Origami Days 2022 teaching, intermediate, objects, video
Mandala Matthew Green FoldFest 2023 teaching, modular, intermediate, abstract, geometric
Astronaut John Szinger FoldFest 2023
Robin David Brill FoldFest 2023 paper, teaching, intermediate, color-change, animals, video
Raccoon Xiao Chen FoldFest 2023 teaching, intermediate, color-change, animals
Rose and Butterfly Wenhau Chao Origami Connect 2023 teaching, intermediate, color-change, abstract, animals, plants
Mah Ze Dahr Brian Beitel Origami Connect 2023 teaching, modular, low intermediate, color-change, geometric
Matryoshka Rhombic Dodecahedron Edward Holmes Origami Connect 2023 modular, intermediate, geometric
Flying Saucer John Szinger FoldFest 2023 teaching, intermediate, abstract, geometric, objects