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Title Presenter Eventsort descending Year Keywords
Circle of Life Masks Joe Adia Origami Connect 2019 intermediate, abstract, animals
Starlight Janet Yelle Origami Connect 2020 high intermediate, geometric
Modular Rose created by Viviane Berty Martin Quinn Origami Connect 2020
Lion Rob Snyder Origami Connect 2020 high intermediate, color-change, animals
CBP Box Jane Rosemarin Origami Connect 2020 boxes, diagrams, intermediate, objects, folding techniques
Joisel Rat Ryan Charpentier Origami Connect 2020 wet-folding, intermediate, animals
Sun Ryan Charpentier Origami Connect 2020 teaching, complex, color-change, geometric, objects
Crab Beth Johnson Origami Connect 2020 teaching, high intermediate, animals
Book Michał Kosmulski Origami Connect 2020 high intermediate, color-change, objects
Duo Color Family Star Ilan Garibi Origami Connect 2021 modular, intermediate, color-change, abstract, geometric
Stackable Cube-Faced Cube Brian Beitel Origami Connect 2021 boxes, modular, intermediate, geometric
Rose and Butterfly Wenhau Chao Origami Connect 2023 teaching, intermediate, color-change, abstract, animals, plants
Cardinal + Blue Jay Variation Francesco Mancini Origami Connect 2021 high intermediate, color-change, animals
Mah Ze Dahr Brian Beitel Origami Connect 2023 teaching, modular, low intermediate, color-change, geometric
Star Wars Snowspeeder and Resistance Bomber Chris Alexander Origami Connect 2021 intermediate, objects
Matryoshka Rhombic Dodecahedron Edward Holmes Origami Connect 2023 modular, intermediate, geometric
Buddha Head, Daisy’s Butterfly, Staircase Nick Robinson Origami Connect 2021 intermediate, abstract, geometric, animals
Goldfish Beth Johnson Origami Connect 2020 intermediate, animals
Modular Hybrid Unit and Its Math Tom Hull Origami Connect 2016 modular, math, geometric
Shell Beth Johnson Origami Connect 2020 intermediate, animals
The Buzz Marc Kirchenbaum Origami Connect 2017 intermediate, color-change, animals
Star Ali Bahmani Origami Connect 2017 low intermediate, geometric
Singing Fish Gilad Aharoni Origami Connect 2018 money folds, diagrams, low intermediate, animals
Bassett Hound Ryan Charpentier Origami Connect 2018 complex, color-change, animals
Prismatic Star Janet Yelle Origami Connect 2019 high intermediate, geometric