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Titlesort ascending Presenter Event Year Keywords
Matryoshka Rhombic Dodecahedron Edward Holmes Origami Connect 2023 modular, intermediate, geometric
Mask 3 with Fynn Jackson Fynn Jackson Convention 2021 teaching, intermediate, abstract, geometric, animals
Mary Anne's Butterfly Robert Lang Convention 2018 high intermediate, color-change, animals, arthropods
Maple Leaf Michael LaFosse World Origami Days 2021 teaching, wet-folding, intermediate, plants
Mandala Matthew Green FoldFest 2023 teaching, modular, intermediate, abstract, geometric
Mah Ze Dahr Brian Beitel Origami Connect 2023 teaching, modular, low intermediate, color-change, geometric
Love and Fortune Cookies Leyla Torres Convention 2021 teaching, low intermediate, geometric, objects
Little Flower Brooch Mariko Miyamoto Convention 2021 teaching, low intermediate, abstract, objects, plants
Little Bird in a Nest Linda MacFarlane Convention 2021 teaching, low intermediate, animals
Lion Rob Snyder Origami Connect 2020 high intermediate, color-change, animals
Lillian's Butterfly & Happy Good Luck Bat Michael LaFosse World Origami Days 2020 wet-folding, intermediate, animals
Let's Make Bacon! Nancy Smiegowski Convention 2021 teaching, intermediate, animals
Lecture: Recent Work on Curved Folding Jun Mitani FoldFest 2022 teaching, crease patterns, diagrams, software, abstract, geometric, design techniques, folding techniques
Lecture: Exploring Twist-based Tessellations Madonna Yoder FoldFest 2022 crease patterns, math, geometric, tessellation, design techniques, video
Lecture: Crease Pattern Analysis Jason Ku FoldFest 2022
Larry Hart Gem & Wind Turbine Michael Naughton Convention 2021 teaching, low intermediate, geometric
Joisel Rat Ryan Charpentier Origami Connect 2020 wet-folding, intermediate, animals
Inflatable Mouse Robert Lang Convention 2019 simple, animals
Holiday Santa Kanoko9 World Origami Days 2022 teaching, intermediate, color-change, animals
Holiday Reindeer Kanoko9 World Origami Days 2022 teaching, intermediate, animals
High Heeled shoe Mark Bolitho Convention 2021 convention, low intermediate, color-change, geometric, objects
Hexagon & Triangle Boxes Charlene Morrow Convention 2021 teaching, low intermediate, color-change, abstract, geometric
Hedgehog Michał Kosmulski Origami Connect 2020 teaching, low intermediate, animals
Harlequin Brooch by Deb Pun ROSE MALINCONICO Convention 2021 teaching, modular, low intermediate, abstract, geometric
Guinea Pig, Opus 311 Robert Lang Convention 2021 teaching, wet-folding, complex, animals