You have heard of Angry Bird.  Why not Angry Fish?
Angry Fish opens its mouth when the tail is rotated.
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One hundred percent of the sale of this model download is to be donated to Origami-USA. Please tell everyone to contribute and get a very fun model. This model has everything: color change, a locking fold, you can blow it up with air, and motion! When you are done playing with it, collapse the air out of it, place it back in your pocket, or send it to a friend. Kami makes a great model, but just about any paper will work. I like to fill mine up with chocolate and give it to the mothers at the children's hospital I teach in.

The diagrams have approximately 70 steps on 8 pages for an accomplished intermediate folder on an A4 page size. You can reduce the page size for printing on US letter paper.

I am grateful to Viviane Berty and Jean-Michel Lucas for correcting my diagrams.
My inspiration came from the wonderful 3D models of Roman Diaz and the video game “angry bird”. Why not angry fish?

Happy folding, Bernie

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Bernie Peyton