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In Japanese. A collection of 50 origami masterpieces designed by the author and a selection of international origami luminaries. Sections cover prehistoric animals, insects, birds, ocean life, animals, fantasy creatures, and “a la carte”. Models include Mammoth, High Heels, Makoto-cho (LaFosse), Makoto Rose, Toucan, Cardinal (Diaz), Emperor Penguin (Trollip), Santa Claus Tetrahedron Box, Fish Skeleton, Spiral Shell (Kawasaki), Dolphin (Kawahata), Clown (Nishikawa), Book (Wall), Rabbit (Koh), Giant Panda, Hippo (Lang), Giraffe (Hagiwara), Key to Love (Ow), Nut and Bolt (Brill), Angry Fish (Peyton), Rabbit in Wonderland (Matsuda), Northern Dragon (Hojyo), Grim Reaper (Miyajima), Pegasus (Kamiya), and more. Large color pictures of all finished models, clear diagrams. 268 pp. PB. (I-C)