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Election Money Folds 2012 [pdf]

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Election Money Folds 2012 e-book cover
2012 origami model photoObama origami model photoMitt origami model photoPresident origami model photoElection Money -- Vote origami model photoYes origami model photoNo origami model photoTax Dollar origami model photoI Love PBS origami model photoSmall Contribution to a SuperPAC ($1,000,000) origami model photoBeer Money origami model photoBain Capital origami model photo47% origami model photoRomney's Smallest Bill ($100) origami model photoRomney's Bet ($10,000) origami model photoI Love USA origami model photo
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Creator and Diagrammer:  Wensdy Whitehead



Election Money Folds 2012 is a collection of sixteen original dollar bill origami models by Wensdy Whitehead.  Each model is a word number or even sentence somehow related to the 2012 presidential election, though many are relevant beyond the election or even outside of politics in general, if you would like to turn one dollar into a million or have a Tax Dollar you can hang onto.  Each model uses only one banknote.  They are box-pleated, but completely avoid sinks and major collapses.  112 pages include diagrams and a photo of each completed model plus some general support materials but no beginner-level guide; some origami experience is expected.  The models are intermediate to high intermediate folding level, requiring precision, patience and a good ability to read diagrams. 

The sixteen models are 2012 (the year), Obama, Mitt, Pres (abreviation for president), Election Money (the word VOTE), Yes, No, Tax Dollar, I Love PBS, Small Contribution to a SuperPAC ($1,000,000), Beer Money, Bain Capital, 47%, Romney's Smallest Bill ($100), Romney's Bet ($10,000) and I Love USA (despite it all).

File is PDF, 112 pages and about 16.6MB.



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