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LaFosse and Alexander
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16 step by step lessons teaching essential origami skills, such as appreciating properties of different papers, folding in the air, origami design, wet-folding, back-coating, painting paper, multi-piece folding, and more. Lessons are presented with insight and humor, and contain great information and fun models even for origami “experts”. Models include Lessons From the Heart, Anne LaVin’s Squirrel, Great White $hark, Dim-Sum Bun, Ambrose the Skunk, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, Foley the Pony, Happy Good-Luck Bat Wedding Orchid, Leatherback Sea Turtle, and more. The book starts with excellent discussions on the “Lafossophy” of origami, folding socially, origami art, preparing paper, preserving models, displaying origami, selling origami, and achieving elegance. 96 pp. Includes DVD with folding lessons for every model. PB (I) #B16-120