Flapping Bird Wearing a Crane Costume [pdf]

Flapping Bird Wearing a Crane Costume
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Creator/Diagrammer: Wensdy Whitehead

The Flapping Bird Wearing a Crane Costume unites the fun of the traditional flapping bird with the charm of the classic crane -- who so often gets its poor little tail yanked because pulling made that other bird flap its wings. This model is best folded from a large, two-tone square of kami or gift wrap. The model uses a single square; the costume does not come off, allowing the flapping bird to retain its non-existent modesty. There is only one step that makes this model high intermediate rather than merely intermediate; it is necessary to turn petal folds wrong side out, but the paper is not yet trapped, so it is very do-able. The rest is no more difficult than the traditional crane.

These diagrams are also available as part of the collection Not Quite Traditional Origami (PDF file)

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