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LaFosse and Alexander
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This book and DVD provide a unique system for creating origami jewelry. The book includes folding instructions for different origami beads, as well as connectors, bead caps, and shaping variations. There are also discussions on paper selection, backcoating, jewelry construction, wirework, and adhesives. The DVD includes folding lessons for the models and an excellent demonstration of backcoating. Models include Square Beads, Pillow Beads, Barrel Beads, Teardrop Beads, Blossom Beads, Angel Wings, Wolverine Claws, Owl Beads, and more. Color diagrams and full color photos show how beautiful paper becomes beautiful jewelry. If you have a lot of paper you have been saving for something special, this may just be the project you were looking for! 80 pp. PB + DVD. (S-I)