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Photo of Noshi, from "Origami: Rooted in Ceremony" exhibition at the AMNH

(Note: This issue is undated but was identified by postmark. Henceforth, issues are named by season/year. First Newsletter on glossy paper although 25 and 26 are non-glossy, first of four issues with added volunteer staff of Don Shall doing Macintosh page design and his wife Barbara Hofer providing editorial assistance.)


  • Same Newsletter, New Look!
  • Friends to Hold Free Monthly Folding Meetings for Members
  • Origami Holiday Tree Gets a New Look With a Halo of a Thousand Stars


  • News From The Home Office
    • Photo of Lillian Oppenheimer and Verdi Adams-list item
  • More Exhibitions
    • Peace Tree at Cathedral of St. John The Devine
    • Exhibition in the Window at Japan Airlines
    • Origami by Children
    • Origami Holiday Tree at American Museum of Natural History
    • Meridian House International Christmas Tree
    • Davis, CA Public Library
    • Detroit Institute of Art
  • News From Members
    • Japanese Folders Visit New York
    • Paper Pandas and Jumping Frogs
    • A Bridal Gift
    • A Sketch of Rona Gurkewitz
    • An Origami-related Puzzle Contest Entry by Robyn Holman
    • Joan Schneider in Florida
    • Festival of the Arts: '86 Bergen County, NJ
    • More News From Members: Milton Halpert; Tom Vinik; Vicky Mihara; Kathy Weller in Japan; Clair Chamberlain in Australia
  • News From Local & Regional Folding Societies
    • Paper Shapers of Northern New Jersey
    • Monmouth County (Southern NJ) Origami Society
    • Ann Arbor Society 4 Origami
    • Friends of Origami in New England


  • Rose - Paper Napkin Fold, collected by Stephen Weiss (creator unknown), diagrammer unidentified, but appears to be the style of Carol Ann Wilk.
  • Canadian Beaver by Paul Rohrlich
  • Elizabeth's Heart by Elizabeth Reeds, age 5 1/2, diagrams by Steve Vinik
  • Baby Bird by Robin Moesley

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