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Thank You Lillian: Lillian Oppenheimer Retiring From Paper/Book Business, with photograph of Lillian


  • Convention '87
  • Moneyfolding For TransOhio Bank by Don Shall (moneyfolds in Cleveland Plain Dealer full page advertisement)
  • Convention '86 Group Photo
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan


  • News From The Home Office
    • The Friends to Sell Origami Supplies, contact Phyllis Meth
    • Notice To Members of Board Elections
    • Free Monthly Folding Meetings For Members: Origami Wednesday
  • Exhibitions
    • Origami By Children - 1985 by Ted Bond (List of particiapants, their ages and models folded)
    • Tree Time (Mayor Koch lights 10th Annual "Exhibition In The Window" Tree; Museum's Origami Holiday Tree; Meridian House International Tree in Washington; Morristown, NJ Trees)
  • News From Members
    • The Brothes Vinik
    • Obituary: Endla Saar
    • Any Friend of Lillian's Is a Friend of Ours by Anna Lee Culp
    • Very Small Is Very Big With Pam Arakawa
    • Halpert's Potpourri
    • (5 more brief stories)
  • News From Local & Regional Folding Societies
    • A Peach Of A Folding Group (Atlanta)
    • CHAOS (Chicago)
    • Origami Club of Harriburg (PA)
    • Paper Shapers of North Bergen County (NJ)
    • AASO (Ann Arbor, MI)
    • The Friends of Origami in New England


  • Swooping Hawk by Steve Vinik
  • Pteranodon (creator/diagrammer unattributed)
  • Ladybug by Robin Moseley

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