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Photograph of a Jack-in-the-box the height of a penny (model by Max Hulme, folded by deg farrelly)


  • Ready, Set, Fold! Here Comes Convention '88 by Michael Shall
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Bent Out of Shape by Joanne Ortman
  • Diagramming Technique and Symbol Language: III. Technology to the Rescue by David Shall, with illustrations
  • Editorigami by Ted Bond, Editor
  • Origami Earrings by Alice Gray


  • News From the Home Office
    • Brochure Update
    • Letter from Alice Gray
    • Bulk Sale of Paper to Non-Profit Groups
    • Monthly Folding Meetings
    • Membership Update (1,292 members in April 1988)
  • News from Members
    • Origami, A Lifetime Experience
    • Office Origami: Toward a New Discipline by Lisa Galladay
    • Nationwide News from Brian Passalacqua, Ruthanne Bessman, Barbara Black and Emma Lampariello
    • Origamania (Origami at Tokeneka School, Darien, CT)
    • More News Notes (5 more brief stories)
  • Tips
    • Hung Up on Origami
    • Photocopy Capers by Don Sigal (Creating patterned folding paper using a photocopier)
    • Folders' Forum (Carol Ann Wilk method for ironing dollar bills)
  • News from Regional Groups
    • List of Regional Groups and Meetings
    • Reports from: Monmouth County NJ; Orange County Origami; Washington State Folders; Paperfolders In New England; West Coast Origami Guild and CHicago Area Origami Society
  • International News
    • Momotani Exhibit
    • VOF de Voyst (Professional origami team in the Netherlands)
    • Origami Collection (Mark Overmars)
    • Convention in Verona (Centro Diffusione Origami)


  • Fish by Milada Blahova
  • Mouse and Swan: Twin blow-up models by Patricia Crawford, diagrams and annotations by Alice Gray
  • Dollar Bill Box by Marc Kirschenbaum, diagrams and annotations by Mark Kennedy from the author's originals
  • Paper Folding Absractions, with article by Robin Moseley

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