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Two photos of the Convention's Hospitality Room


  • Convention '88 Report
    • Notes on Akira Yoshizawa at Convention '88 by Craig Macdonald
    • An Open Letter...from Akira Yoshizawa, President, International Origami Center, translatedy by Emiko Kruckner
  • Bent Out of Shape by Joanne Ortman
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Diagramming Standardization (Panel Discussion Report, Convention 88') by Robert Lang; Panel: Dave Brill, David Shall, Alice Gray, John Montroll, Robert Lang, Akira Yoshizawa, Florence Temko and Carol Anne Wilk
  • Book Reviews by Mark Kennedy
    • The Best Paper Aircraft: New and Expanded! by Campbell Morris
    • Origami gli Insetti by Alfredo Giunta
    • Unit Origami, Book V: More Joyful Box Making by Tomoko Fuse
    • Origami Omibus: Paper Folding for Everybody by Kunihiko Kasahara
  • News from the Supply Center
  • Group Photograph: Convention '88


  • News from the Home Office
    • Special Sessions; Information of Copyright Laws; Origami By Children Announcement and Schedule; Monthly Folding Meeting
    • Letter from Michael Shall (retiring from position as Home Office Administrator)
    • Lending Library Opening (announcement)
  • News From Members
    • Louise Cooper, West Coast Origami Guild
    • Mark Kennedy organizing summer origami events
    • Frances and Sam Batt in Indonesia
    • Peter Engel article in Discover Magazine
    • Other News: Flypaper: The Journal of Folded Paper Flight; Milton Halpert; Mitchel Yoffe; Jerry Slocum
    • Folders' Forum: Aldo Putignano on folding with wallpaper. Della Sue on coating models with acrylic
  • News from Regional Groups
    • List of Regional Groups and Meetings
    • Reports: New Jersey Paper Shapers; PINE; Capital Folders; cincinnati Origami Guild; LIFE Second Annual Fold Fest; New Jersey Mini-Convention # 3
  • International News
    • Professor Narciso Sanches
    • The International Origami Center


  • Fourth Little Pig Built A House of Paper, with story, by Steve Vinik
  • Flapping Goose by Mark Bolitho, diagrams by Mark Kennedy
  • Swan by Narciso Sanchez, diagrams by Carol Ann Wilk, adapted from the authors diagrams
  • Modular Box by Lewis Simon, diagrams by Bennett Arnstein

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